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Using your mind

to help your body feel better


Pain, injury, illness - they change our

relationship with our bodies. Through

movement, education, imagery and mindset training my goal is to help you feel centred, strong and in control again. My sessions aim to bring you back to your body and back to yourself. 

To help you feel ready; that can do this; that you are worth the effort; and that you are in charge of your recovery - I have developed an app. It's called Piece of Mind and can be downloaded for free here: 




You can book a class with me here:


and 1:1 session here:



I look forward to seeing you soon ❤️

My classes and 1:1 sessions celebrate people’s beauty from the inside out. I empower you to move with confidence by helping you to tune into your body. I am interested in the whole picture - wellness through mindset, movement, community and good nutrition. 

My name is Pieta Ruck Keene. When I retired from aerial performing my body stopped hurting. No bruises, no muscle soreness, no injury. The movements that I trained for strength and repeated through performance meant that my muscles were only worked in one way - of course I was in pain.

What I really needed as a performer was a coach who was an expert in skills and their complementary strength training. I also needed help with cross training and using irregular movements that would challenge my under used and over stretched muscles to balance out my body.

As a mother I did the same thing! I held my babies on the same hip, with the same arm, I breast fed in the same position - and surprise, back came my old friend: pain.


My classes are a mix of the exercises that I wish I had been given as a performer, as a pregnant woman, as a mother and now as a woman entering peri menopause  - all with the goal of being able to tie my own shoe laces aged 90.


My teaching style is one of acceptance and support, I will challenge you when you are ready but our bodies are on a journey and there is no hurry. You will be amazed at what your body can do with a little nurturing and time.  

I'd been suffering neck and shoulder pains for over 20 years.However after I joined Pieta's class my pains disappeared!


As my pregnancy has progressed Pieta has put much thought into adapting exercises to work for me. I have really felt the benefits of Pilates throughout my pregnancy.


Whenever I go to the gym now, I hear Pieta's words: "any movement is better than no movement" - so I go with the plan of being there for just 10 minutes and sometimes I stay for an hour.


I love Pieta's classes, she has taught me more about my body than any doctor ever has.



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