Helping you to move well and feel great through understanding how your mind and body work.

Pain brings us perspective. We appreciate our bodies for all that we put them through when we can’t do activities of daily life.

Movement is an essential tool for getting out of pain and keeping us out of pain. So too is the way we think, the things we say and the attitudes of those around us.

I am so passionate about the importance of mindset training for recovery I have developed an app. It is called Piece of Mind and can be downloaded for free here: 




I don’t believe that we can separate our body and mind. My classes and 1:1 sessions are built around a biopsychosocial model of health. We feel great when we move well, when we do what we love and when our social unit is well.


I look forward to seeing you soon ❤️ 

If you can't make it to class, you can still spend 5 minutes giving yourself a Franklin Method shoulder 

massage here 

In person classes start back after lockdown and I look forward to seeing you soon

Circus Bodies are strong bodies

Circus bodies are flexible bodies

Circus bodies are balanced bodies

Circus bodies - for EVERY body

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