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Empowering you to take control of your pain


Pain, injury, illness - they change our relationship with our bodies. Through movement, education, imagery and mindset training my personalised pain management program aims to help you shift from surviving to thriving.

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My name is Pieta Ruck Keene. In my 20's I was an aerial acrobat. This was a great job in many ways. A big downside was that I often performed on injuries and did not have the time and space to let them heal. On top of this, the movements that I trained for strength and repeated through performance meant that my muscles had only been worked in one way. I didn't understand how to manage my training and performing in a way to prevent injuries. When I retired from performing my body stopped hurting. No bruises, no muscle soreness, no injury. 

But then I had children, and as a mother I did the same thing. I held my babies on the same hip, with the same arm, I breast fed in the same position - and surprise, back came my old friend: pain.

This is why I trained as a Pilates and then an aerial Pilates instructor. Pilates had always helped me feel good in my body and had kept me physically well. After a few years of teaching Pilates I also embraced embodied anatomy. This is a way of understanding biomechanics and using your mind to improve your movement. With this knowledge I was helping people recover from their neck and lower back pain through focussed weekly sessions and group classes.

In 2018 I was rudely introduced to the world of serious chronic pain when both of my parents had life changing accidents. This led to my Dad living with post stroke nerve pain and my mother living with post surgical pain in her hip and shoulder. Pilates and embodied anatomy weren't going to fix my parents and nothing is worse than watching the people you love suffer. So. I did some study and some training to find a way to help. I trained in neurological rehab. I did an older adult exercise instructor training course and I completed a Masters degree in Pain Management through UCL. I now have the tools to help my parents and to help you - as a pain coach.

What Does a Pain Coach Do?

I use an evidence based approach to pain recovery that empowers you with tools skills and strategies to reduce the impact that chronic pain has on your life.

In our sessions we:

  • Identify your triggers and glimmers.

  • Identify areas of imbalance in your life.

  • We find what is blocking adherence to treatments. 

  • We create a flare up plan.

  • We develop strategies to overcome barriers to recovery.

  • I introduce you to medical professionals that I trust.

  • We challenge incorrect beliefs.

  • I help you develop goals and hold you accountable to them.

  • We work on the four pillars - I'm ready, I'm in charge, I can do this, I am worth the effort.  


I appreciate how much thought Pieta puts into our sessions. I have learnt a great deal from her.


As my pregnancy has progressed Pieta has put much thought into adapting exercises to work for me. I have really felt the benefits of our sessions throughout my pregnancy.


Whenever I go to the gym now, I hear Pieta's words: "any movement is better than no movement" - so I go with the plan of being there for just 10 minutes and sometimes I stay for an hour.


I love my sessions with Pieta, she has taught me more about my body than any doctor ever has.


I am able to put my trousers on without contortions or discomfort for the first time in 6 months! Thank you.



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