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Hacking my Cycle: Eliminating PMS Naturally PART TWO

There's men wearing the blood of the woman they love There's white wearing the blood of the brown but every woman learns how to bleed from the moon and we bleed to renew life every time it's cut down I got my vertebrae all stacked up high as they can go But I still feel myself sliding from the earth that I know So I excuse myself and leave the room Saying my period came early but it's not a minute too soon Ani DiFranco verse two of Blood in the Boardroom And, I’m back. Ani DiFranco rocks doesn’t she? Part two of my blog gets into the details of what I have been doing over these past few months to get rid of premenstrual bloating, menstrual diarrhoea and menstrual headaches. The prostaglandin

Hacking My Cycle: Eliminating PMS Naturally PART ONE

I go and find the only other woman on the floor Is the secretary sitting at the desk by the door I ask her if she's got a tampon I could use She says Oh honey, what a hassle for you Sure I do You know I do I say It ain't no hassle, no, it ain't no mess Right now it's the only power That I possess These businessmen got the money They got the instruments of death But I can make life I can make breath Sitting in the boardroom The I'm-so-bored room Listening to the suits talk about their world I didn't really have much to say The whole time I was there So I just left a big brown bloodstain On their white chair Last verse From the song Blood in the Boardroom by Ani DiFranco. Ani Difranco’s anthem

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