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When Something’s Not Right in The Bathroom..

Last week I visited my natural screening clinic to figure out where my energy had gone. Before testing my levels, my clinician and I had a thorough chat about my cycle; changes in length, changes in flow, changes in quality and consistency. From there we had a chat about my bowel movements, quantity, quality and colour. My clinician hypothesised a return of my leaky gut and got down to testing. After a week of ingesting many different forms of probiotics my poo has changed colour. Too much information? The important thing is that I now have more energy. I am not a health professional so this is a quick list of what changes in your stool or menstrual blood MIGHT mean. The take home message is

On Valentine's Day - Love The World as Much as You Love Each Other

Wedding Song Now you are married Try to love the world As much as you love Each other. Greet it as your husband, Wife. Love it with all your Might as you sleep Breathing against its back. Love the world, when late at night, You come home to find snails Stuck to the side of the house Like decoration. This is only an excerpt from Jenny Bornholdt’s poem, the rest of it follows this blog because it’s great and you really should read it all. I love her image of sleeping breathing against the world’s back as if it were our beloved. It should be our beloved. it’s our home yet the seas are overflowing with single use plastic and my children have asthma because we live in London - a city that has alr

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