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Want Pain Free Periods? How Nutrition Can Help

Sitting in the boardroom The I'm-so-bored room Listening to the suits Talk about their world They can make straight lines Out of almost anything Except for the line Of my upper lip when it curls Dressed in my best greasy skin And squinty eyes I'm the only part of summer here That made it inside In the air-conditioned building Decorated with corporate flair I wonder Can these boys smell me bleeding Though my underwear This is my third blog post that quotes Ani DiFranco. She is so cool, I never get sick of her. This is my fourth blog post about periods too. I realise now that I need a quick (ish) list-style post for the young women in my girl guides troop who believe that period pain is an una

Giving a Foot About Plantar Fasciitis: Five Exercises that Help Stop Foot Pain

Under our skin like a (very stylish) catsuit is a layer of connective tissue called fascia, it is designed in a criss cross/grid like fashion and can stretch or compress to transfer force throughout the body. This superficial fascia (also called areolar tissue) moves freely over our bones and muscles. My son demonstrates the idea below with this finger trap toy. The fascia at our feet and hands is deep fascia which is inelastic, strong and almost entirely made up of collagen (called an aponeurosis). The skin is attached to this fascia so as not to slide right off our fingers and toes -I’m sure there’s a more scientific way to explain this but stay with me. When fascia gets dehydrated, under

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