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Our Knees are a Link in a Chain

When I asked for requests for my the latest block of embodied anatomy classes three people ask for a series dedicated to our knees. So we covered hip flexors, spiral motion of the pelvis in gait, movement at the hip and knee and then had three classes on the ankle and foot. The class on the knee itself was very short. Why? Because, pain at the knee usually comes from the foot and pelvis. Someone with a stiff forefoot and a mobile rear foot often has a valgus (pulled inwards) knee. Someone who does not move fully into hip extension in gait adds extra load to the knees. When the hip does not fully extend and if the glutes don’t support your weight then your calf muscles must work over-time to

Sensitivity is a Super Power

We need sensitive people right now. And we need to foster sensitivity in our children. Sensitive kids are seen as fragile and told to toughen up. But my daughter is fragile. She’s fragile like a mirror that shatters and reflects the shards of injustice in our world. She’s fragile like a dropped vessel that spills politician’s lies and hypocrisy. She’s fragile like a cracked lamp that sheds the splintered light of environmental concern through the room. She is our future and she is fragile. Fragile like a bomb. Yes, sensitive people are emotionally reactive but they reflect truth. They experience the world in a more vivid way, they are contemplative, they have empathy and intuition they are c

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Circus Bodies are strong bodies

Circus bodies are flexible bodies

Circus bodies are balanced bodies

Circus bodies - for EVERY body

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