I Have An Idea


April 3, 2017

 Reframing, responding to and reasoning through, our inner critical voice. 

If this body wasn't mine

If this body wasn’t mine and it instead belonged to another

Would I despise it in the same way?

If I saw the stretch marks that I have on the skin of a friend

Would I cringe or would my eyes water, the same way they react to mine?

How about my stomach and the way it’s never close to flat or toned

When I see the same on another, do I despite it, as I do with my own? 

Whether it’s the pimple on my chin or the blackheads by my nose

Whether it's size of my thighs or the way I wear my clothes

If I saw it all on someone else would my reaction be the same?

And if not then why do I look so different in the mirror than I do to my loved ones? 

I suppose maybe my flaws aren’t that big a deal. And my shortcomings nothing but silly thoughts that I convince myself of at midnight.

Zion Rain Easterbrook 

Our thoughts are bullies. Our shortcomings are more than silly thoughts that we convince ourselves of at midnight...

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February 10, 2020

February 12, 2017

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Circus Bodies are strong bodies

Circus bodies are flexible bodies

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