Classes start back on September the third! So grab your jumper and your thermals and come move with me.  

Aerial Pilates classes are going to look a little different going forward.

Firstly, no matter the weather - all the windows and the exit door will be open.

To ensure that we are safely distanced and to make sure that I can give individual attention, the class size is small and capped at a maximum of six participants


Class starts at 10am on Friday morning and will now cost £25.  

I won’t be selling blocks of classes for a while just to keep things flexible. If you have symptoms please stay at home. I promise that I will do the same. If we have another lockdown the centre will close. If you have already booked in I will see you for a 1:1 make up zoom session. 

I will not be wearing a mask but I will be socially distanced. CIMPSA advise against movement teachers wearing masks because:

A fabric mask is not effective PPE. 

The mask itself is a vector for the virus.  

A mask gives a false sense of security.   

When exercising it saturates after 15 minutes and must then be changed.

Please fill in this COVID screening form before coming to class

Now, onto the fun bits -  

The structure of the class involves:

warming up in standing using the sling for support and to add challenge. We then move to sitting in the sling where we roll and extend and side bend. Then down to the floor to strengthen our legs with feet on the sling while lying on our backs. Then we balance on the sling with our body facing the mats. Near the end of the class we move upside down while held and supported by the sling and finish with meditation.


Finally, I'd also like to know your movement goals:

Do you want to be pain free? Do you want to be stronger? Do you want to be more flexible? Would you like to improve your balance? Are you interested in stress relief?  Do you want to have fun? Do you want to be social and interact with friends while moving? Do you want to move with strength and grace?

Have a think. Knowing what you want before you start your session means that you will get more out of it, and knowing that you'd like to do it with a friend and then go for lunch afterwards means that you are doing great things for your mental health too.  



See you at

Primrose Hill Community Association

29 Hopkinson’s Place

Fitzroy Road




What to Expect from an Aerial Pilates Class