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Because Good Things Come in Threes

My Three Favourite Pieces of Small Equipment

Franklin ball - for fascial rolling, for challenging stability and for strength. Portable and versatile Silicone wrist band- for foot and toe, hand and finger strengthening work  

Small ball/cat toy - for foot strengthening exercises and for foot and hand rolling and massage   

My Three Favourite Equipment Providers

Slings - Fire Toys  

Mats - Continental  

Small equipment - Sissel  

Three Movements That We Should Do Every Day

Hanging - to help our shoulder strength and alignment

Balancing - to protect us from falls

Squatting - for ankle, knee and hip mobility and strength

Three Osteopaths Who I Trust With My Body

Osteopath - Jeremy Burton, who is also trained in Anatomy In Motion and Functional Screening. Or,

Claire Cheetham who knows so much that she also lectures in Osteopathy.  Or,

Daniel Baines who is also an Osteopath who does some kind of voodoo magic involving nerves and the central nervous system. 

(More Than) Three Other Health Professionals Who Do Useful Things

Anatomy In Motion Practitioner Elle Williams is passionate about bodies and getting to the source of the pain not the site

Women’s Health Physio Katie Jeitz is sensitive and very knowledgeable 

Functional Health Practitioner Tony Monkcom will test your vitamin levels, organ functions and allergies.

Women’s Holistic Health and Hormone Advisor - Marion Gluck is the woman to see for PMS, problematic periods, pre menopause, peri menopause and menopause symptoms.

Postnatal Massage Therapist Petra Chlupacova gently helps break down fascial adhesions and brings elasticity to scar tissue.  

Body Worker/ Holistic Massage Therapist and Potter - Roger Dwek has been a masseur for over 30 years, he knows so much about bodies and anatomy and has magical hands

My Three Favourite Movement Experts (and I have a mental list of about 10) 

Katy Bowman, Eric Franklin and Madeline Black all understand and teach movement through anatomy and biomechanics but they manage to make it accessible at the same time. So clever. They are the thinkers of the movement world. They are my role models and what I endeavour to be as a teacher.


My Three Favourite Body Books for Non Experts

Movement Matters Katy Bowman outsourcing our movement has social, political and ecological consequences  

Animal  Sara Pascoe evolutionary history and autobiography - and so funny

The Story of The Human Body Daniel Lieberman - more in depth and less funny but a fascinating explanation of the evolutionary history of our bodies

The ONE Book That I Recommend and Buy for My Pregnant Friends 

Birth Skills  JuJu Sundin - there will be pain in labour don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sundin gives you many physical tools to match the pain and manage the pain and progress efficiently through labour 

My Three favourite Nutrition Books 

Roar Stacy T Sims - Brilliant nutrition and hormone guidance for female athletes  

How Not to Die Michael Greger and Gene Stone - science backed evidence for a whole food vegetable based diet

Health at Every Size Linda Bacon - fill yourself with good food, an eating philosophy that rejects diets and the diet culture of deprivation that just doesn’t work

My Three favourite Recipe Books (for dairy, sugar and grain free options) 

 Arabesque Claudia Roden - easy, delicious Middle Eastern recipes 

My Family Table Eleanor Ozich - the recipes for baking in here are brilliant

The Art of Eating Well Hemsley and Hemsley - My favourite recipe is the black bean patties - we adjust most of the recipes in this book and for this one we add more feta, chilli and sun-dried tomatoes - so tasty.  

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