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The Problem With Sucking in Your Stomach: A Quick Lecture to my Daughter

When Miss Anna tells you to suck in your stomach what she sees is a curved lower back and a tummy poking forward. If our torsos were drink cans (or cannellini bean tins) we’d want them to be fairly smooth up each side with no kinks in them so as to support any weight from above and below. Sometimes your can looks like it has a kink in the back - which happens when you are growing and because the bones in your pelvis haven’t finished fusing yet.

To get better alignment for your ballet class you might want to imagine a string

from your pubic bone pulling the bottom of your pelvis into line with the top. You might want to think of your sit bones pointing torch lights down to the floor and while we’re at it a camera on your chest taking photos of the wall in front of you and maybe a helium balloon pulling up your bun just a little as this LEGO woman demonstrates.

When moving it is easier to just imagine your whole body moving around a central axis - perhaps you could be a unicorn ride with a merry go round pole through you?

Or a flower with a strong stem blowing in the wind?