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Notes From Your “Healthy Spine Effortless Posture” Workshop

Hooray! After two hours of looking at and feeling and moving your spine you now know a little about how it works. Just in case you’ve forgotten what we did here is a reminder.

You Can’t Change What You’re Not Aware Of

We noticed our bodies, in one silent minute we tried to get a sense of where our weight was over our feet, how our alignment felt today, where our breath was in our bodies and whether we had areas that were clearer than others.

We did this for many reasons. One is if we want to feel better in our bodies we need a baseline for comparison. Another is to calm our nervous system with a clear body map and another is to listen to what our body is communicating to us today.

A Healthy Spine Needs Healthy Language.

Then we wrote down words/moods/beliefs that our culture, family and friends use to describe their backs. Knowing that neurons that fire together wire together we decided to take the first step in unravelling our own concepts of our backs (neurotags). We chose words that reflect how we would like our back to feel.

The Spine Functions to Support us and to Help us Move

Because the spine has two very different roles and over 100 joints that need lubricating with daily movement to train our spine we need to move in all planes of movement, we can also add balls and bands to create resistance: Here is a photo of all of the positions of the spine dance

The Spine is a Tensegrity System

as we bend our legs the spine compresses sending energy to tissues and ligaments, these then send that energy back to the body as our legs straighten. We imagined deeper curves as we bent our knees and longer curves as we straightened our legs.