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Four Knee Class Recordings

For those with knee pain, kneeling is fond memory of a movement that once meant nothing and now seems impossible. A person who can kneel is showing off their healthy hips and feet. We take our knees for granted until we can't use them properly any more. Without our knees we couldn't walk, sit, pick things up, lower ourselves, jump climb, or crawl. Life would be very tricky if we didn’t have force absorbing hinges in the middle of our legs.

I used to teach classes that focused on improving our knee health through embodying the function of hips and feet. I approached the classes this way because our knees sit between the two longest levers in our body. Our feet and pelvis are at the ends of these levers. When our knees spend their time out of line with our pelvis or feet, this leads to uneven pressure and load distribution to our knees. And. If there is a restriction at the foot or pelvis, our other structures adapt to enable us to walk and move. If this carries on without being addressed, this shows up as pain - most often knee pain.

This time around I zoomed in a little closer and centred my classes around the knee area. Please remember - just because your knee hurts, it doesn’t mean this is the bit that needs “fixing.” And so. Here

are four classes that focus on experiencing the healthy movement of the knee and its structures. I hope that they help you understand how marvellous the bones, muscles, and connective tissues of the knee are.

The first video helps us experience how our foot and pelvis positioning affect our knees.

The second video introduces the amazing tibio-femoral joint.

The third video introduces the marvellous patella.

The final video helps us experience the support of some of the connective tissues of the knees.

I hope these videos help. Remember, even if your knees hurt now - don't allow your discomfort in this moment to be an acceptance of pain for an entire lifetime. With a strong bottom and mobile ankles, you can improve your knee health 💪🏽

Be well



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