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Self Management of Pain: six class handouts

Isn't Charlie Mackesy wonderful? His images say so much and this little mole is so right:

One of our greatest freedoms is how we react to things. When it comes to self management of chronic pain sometimes it takes a little help figuring out how to do this. My lovely class at University for the Third Age are all living with some form of chronic pain. I have been teaching for the U3A since 2019 and my participants have helped shape my classes. I teach them how to move smarter to keep them doing what they love for longer. This involves introducing them their anatomy and helping them move with this new understanding. It also involves using metaphors, language, positive psychology and imagery. Earlier this year I taught them a (movement based) six week course on self management of pain. The videos are here I am now reassessing this course and reflecting on it to see how I can improve it. I thought it might be a good idea to put the handouts from my first attempts here - as a record and as a small gift, perhaps they can help you in some way?

And that is a six week series of classes that involved some talking, some moving, some self massage and some meditation. I had some lovely feedback and I think the classes went well. Now that I am studying Pain Management though, I plan on reworking them. If you have any useful tips I'd love your input.


Be well




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