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Writing for Self Care: 10 notes to my body

This meme is really cute but for me it is through writing that I can peel back the layers of patriarchy and agism and cultural conditioning to find a place of body acceptance.

Over summer, I tried a self care writing exercise. I decided to write 10 short poems about my post lockdown/ post baby/ post 40 body to regain some appreciation and love for myself again.

I share them with you in case you need a reminder that our bodies are absolutely awesome 💪 even if they are wrinkled, hairy, round, and a little creaky at times. ❤️

So there you go - a whole bunch of thoughts, a whole lot of reframing and a very healthy step towards body neutrality. I'm getting there through writing - how about you? How will you come to love your body for what it can do instead of how it looks?

Be well




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