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Positive Imagery Training


Positive Imagery Training asks a person to voluntarily and consciously rethink their pain. This helps to change its meaning and potentially reduce the perception of pain despite not changing the sensory input.  


The Positive Imagery Training exercise is a collaborative process centred around a thirteen point questionnaire. 

The questionnaire is focussed on elements of coping imagery such as asking you how you would like to change your pain; as well as visualising distancing pain from the body. It  rescripts the index image and uses cognitive reappraisal around your self efficacy and coping techniques. It includes body representation; focus on a future point; functional goals; motor imagery and aims to create a sense of safety in your body. This last point is important as Mosely and Butler explain that we experience pain when the perception of danger in our body is greater than our perception of safety. 

From here we will create a guided meditation that I will record for you.

You will be encouraged to listen to this recording at least three times a week for up to eight weeks. I will send you a weekly text or email reminder to persevere with the process.  

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