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Listen to Your Body, Work With Your Cycle and Improve Your Fitness.

gotta get a bit fit

got myself a fitbit

first I felt a dipstick

but now I don’t so much

proved to be a big hit

I’m virtually olympic

postin’ up my fit pics

on Twitter and Facebook

playin’ sunday cricket

sittin’ at a picnic

starin’ at a triptych

it tracks me night and day

guess I must admit it

don’t think I can quit it

some call me addicted,

well, I think that’s what they say.

Brian Bilston

The problem that I have with fitness trackers is that they are outsourcing our intuition. Children move because they are driven to move. They walk along walls, spin around lamp posts and race just for the fun of it. As adults we let go of what we want to do and instead do what we should. We have stopped paying attention and are no longer connected to our bodies. We go to bootcamp and let people shout at us. We exercise to punish ourselves and even pay to have someone else punish us. We do workouts that a social media star has developed because we want to look just like her (even though she is childless and 20 something). We aren’t exercising to keep ourselves energised, happy and well. And we aren’t listening to our bodies.

On top of this. We are women. This means that we have hormones that influence our ability to train hard and build muscle at different points in our cycle. Women have tracked their menstrual cycles for tens of thousands of years. Evidence indicates that the first calendar was created by the Stone Age people in Britain. Archaeologists (who happen to be men) state that this was a lunar calendar, which tracked the cycles of the moon. Women have pointed out this calendar also tracked a 28 day cycle. Hmmm. What a coincidence. Women have always known that it is helpful to know where we are in our cycle.