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Pain Snippets: some very short videos for you to watch

Now that I've finished studying I am slowly easing myself into my new identity as a pain coach. One thing that I am doing every few days is making short videos for social media. Some of you lovely people don’t use social media though so I’ve put ten videos in a blog post for you to see too. It's a little weird talking to myself but I'm getting better (or more succinct at least) as I get the hang of it. So here they are:

Explaining headache to my 11 year old son

How capsaicin patches work

TENS machine explained

Ascending and descending pain pathways

The upregulated nervous system

How exercise reduces pain

Four dimensions of chronic pain

Vibration, cold and distraction for acute pain

The five P’s

Slow your respiration rate

If you’d like me to make any videos in particular - perhaps you’d like an anatomy refresher? Send me a line and I’ll do one just for you.




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